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Donald Fischer

Venture Partner

“IT is undergoing a once-in-a-generation transformation, driven by micro-services, data analytics, and modern web and mobile user experiences. The emerging ‘new stack’ sets the stage for a new generation of billion-dollar companies.”

At General Catalyst, I’m focused on early-stage investments at the intersection of enterprise applications, developers and data scientists, and the “new stack” in IT.

I enjoy working with mission-driven founders who combine a deep technology vision with strong marketing and distribution instincts. I believe in the power of intrinsically motivated tribes and grass-roots adoption. I seem to have a weakness for projects that involve a compiler.

I studied CS at Yale (BS) and Stanford (MS), and later earned an MBA at Columbia.

After starting my career as a developer at Inktomi, I followed my passion for open source to Red Hat, where I helped create Red Hat Enterprise Linux as its early product manager and served as VP and General Manager of Online Services. I began my venture capital career on the investment team at Greylock Partners, and incubated Typesafe where I served as CEO. At General Catalyst, I currently serve on the boards of Continuum Analytics, Ionic, Julia Computing and Rocana.