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Phil Libin

Senior Advisor

“I believe that right now is the best time in the history of the universe to start something.”

Technology has made the world more of a meritocracy than it’s ever been and traditional obstacles to success are quickly collapsing. Everywhere you look, there’s an opportunity to take something important and make it better. I want to work with people who think it’s their job to do that. I started my first company when I was 17, and my life’s work is to help amazing people change the world through entrepreneurship and invention.

I’m the co-founder and former CEO & executive chairman of Evernote. I was a managing director at General Catalyst before founding All Turtles, an AI start-up studio.

Given the potential product advancements and breakthroughs leveraging AI and conversational UI technologies, there is shift underway in how these technologies can reshape the way people interact with computers.  Throughout the majority of my career as a founder and executive building companies from an initial idea into larger enterprises, I have developed a deep passion and understanding of the time and effort it takes to develop a great product while, at the same time, building a company around those products.  In order to build upon these experiences, I decided to start All Turtles so we could provide entrepreneurs and product visionaries with company building support in order to help them navigate the obstacles and challenges that can come from operating and growing a young company so that their primary focus and passion can remain on the development of a new generation of products.