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Prateek Alsi

“My investing philosophy is pretty simple: exceptional teams create exceptional outcomes.”

Helping founders turn their vision into the next great product is my passion. I particularly enjoy working at the intersection of technology and business, and continually pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. I make a personal commitment to develop leadership qualities and business expertise in all of the companies I work with.

At General Catalyst, I am involved with  Bustle, Cozy, FliteFundbox, Gusto, Kin CommunityRealtyShares, Singular, and Stripe. Along with Hemant Taneja, I co-direct the GC Stripe Platform Fund, a $10 million initiative to help start new ventures that are built on top of the Stripe Connect platform, and I’m also active with many of our companies in the mobile, SMB, commerce and financial services spaces.

Prior to General Catalyst, I led the distribution partnership team at Square and helped establish many of the early growth paths for the company’s flagship products. Before that I was at Time Warner Cable, structuring, negotiating and operationalizing high-profile technology platform partnerships with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and many venture-backed startups. I began my career at AOL, where I worked on paid search, commerce and advertising partnerships and helped generate multi-million dollar monetization opportunities for the company.

I am originally from Washington, D.C., and have lived in London and New York. I graduated from Pennsylvania State University, earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing and International Business. My adopted home is now San Francisco.