The Velocity Network connects senior IT decision makers with start-ups shaping the technology landscape.

The network is designed to give decision makers the power to discover the most promising startups creating solutions for the enterprise, explore emerging trends, and build community with peers who share the same challenges and successes within a private, professional network.

Enterprise executives are constantly looking for the best ideas and new technologies to bring into their companies to help give themselves a competitive edge. Startups are the source of innovation and growth in the economy. The Velocity Network aims to connect these two groups through a series of sessions in New York City with thought-provoking speakers, product demos, and one-on-one meetings.

To learn more or to apply to join the Velocity Network, please visit:


Startups are not limited to the General Catalyst, CRV and Mayfield portfolios, but they must exhibit traction with enterprise customers or demonstrate that they are at the forefront of a new technology wave that will bring new capabilities to enterprise customers.